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We coach companies how to create video to attract, educate and convert customers, FASTER.

We coach sales teams to produce their own videos and demonstrate how video can be injected throughout every step of the sales process.

We coach sales and marketing teams to create content that removes friction throughout your buyer’s journey, like explainer and product videos and FAQs. For DTC we teach how video can guide the self learning modern buyers to go from inspiration to your shopping cart.



About Jon Richards

Evolve Video Marketing is a true reflection of my ever evolving career journey. 35 plus years ago I drove a demo van looking for construction sites. My GPS was a Thomas Guide and my CRM was a phone book and a legal pad. 20 plus years ago I was super frustrated with telling the same story over and over so I mailed hundreds of VHS tapes and hoped people would watch.

10 years ago I started producing hundreds of product videos for companies to help them tell a consistent story. Today I help companies be very strategic in how they use video in every aspect of a sales process.



About William Schultz

After starting and selling a real estate media production company in 2016, I became obsessed with teaching companies how to leverage the power of video to educate buyers and sell more effectively. Since 2018, I’ve consulted with over 75 companies to coach sales teams to utilize a videographer to increase closing rates, shorten sales cycles, and minimize administrative communications.


About Justin Self

My passion has always been video.

I love the whole process. Planning the idea. Getting the shots. Editing in post-production to bring the vision together.

My hope is always to make something compelling. Capture the images & inspire emotions. To create a video that inspires or connects a viewer to the story. A story that sparks a feeling. We all have stories, but getting people to remember them is the fun part.

What People Are Saying About Evolve

Jon understands the power and nuances of video strategy as it pertains to building and maintaining a credible and profitable business.

D. Michael Tramontin

Co-Owner, PLS Pacific Laser Systems

Jon showed me how sending customers and prospects personalized videos via email which included everything from introductions to products and promotions – it allowed me to not only put my face and message in front of the customer, but also helped me provide the clarity of the message that I was intending to send. Video gave my messages and virtual presentations a voice instead of typing something out hoping that my message lands correctly.video is one of the best and innovative ways to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Adam Little

National Account Manager, Apex Tool Group

Jon’s experience in the construction industry along with his knowledge and passion for how to use video as a tool in sales helped us make product videos a priority in keeping our messaging consistent!

Ray Smith

VP of Marketing, Apex Tool Group

We get excited when a team like Evolve comes along – they are way ahead of the curve and have the industry and technical experience to show clients how video is so powerful in today’s business. Jon and Will both have unique skill sets to help clients break down all things video for sales teams to be 10x successful!

Michael Beal

Enterprise Account Executive, Vidyard

Evolve got our sales team in front of the camera during Covid helping us send video in email and get more engagement and meetings.

Ron Fleener

Vanguard Marketing

Evolve coached us on using video in our sales process to increase prospect engagement. We’ve now seen first-hand how emails with videos get the attention of prospects more easily than text-only messages.

Steve Chipman

CRM Switch

Evolve helped us understand the importance of creating product videos and leveraging them throughout our sales process resulting in better customer engagement and increased sales. Their understanding of our business and experience combined with a passion for technology and new world solutions truly makes them effective in this ever changing climate.

Gary Wilson

President/Managing Director, Matrix Management

Evolve taught us the power of video as the best tool to engage our customers with both creative and tactical strategies!

Louis Vierra

CEO , Strukshur Inc








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