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Evolve coaches sales and marketing teams on how to use video to attract, educate, and convert customers more effectively. With the modern buyer in mind it’s all about the journey of learning not the pressure of being sold. We help companies evolve with the latest technology and process to gain trust with the modern buyer through video.

What does Evolve Video Marketing Do?

What does a workshop look like?



  • Two leadership coaching sessions per month, each lasting 60 minutes.
  • Eight 30-minute training sessions each month.
  • Quarterly 90-minute planning sessions.
  • A two-hour planning session every year.

Our goal is to teach you to fish! Companies that learn hands on to drive their video strategy internally outperform those who use outside media companies to create their content. Nobody knows your business better than you so eliminating the middleman saves time, money and allows for a more authentic and trusted experience for your customers.

  • Modern Buyer behaviors and trends
  • Getting ahead of the Modern Buyer
  • Everyone is a Remote Seller
  • Trending Data, Metrics
  • Understanding your buyers Journey
  • Lead hiring process for full time sales minded Videographer
  • Sales teams creating videos workshop
  • Recommended desktop equipment and use
  • Best practices for getting started
  • Recommended Mobile Phone recording best practices
  • Product Video Best Practices
  • Product Video launch process
  • FAQs for sales
  • FAQs for support
  • How To’s tips and tricks
  • What to know before making a purchase (subject matter experts)
  • Product / Service monthly feature 
  • Distribution Platforms for video access (sales)
  • Create and upload from phone
  • Private vs Public
  • Video in Email & LinkedIn
  • Email Signatures
  • Cold call introduction
  • Pre Meeting Education Selling
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to connect with buyers
  • Video Presentations
  • Video Proposals
  • Thank you Videos
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Report Cards


We will review your current state and readiness along with the basics of video strategy and what it takes to be successful to attract the Modern Buyer.

Understanding the Modern Buyer


A custom tailored engagement based on your company’s unique needs for coaching. This is also ideal for refresher engagements when new hires or teams are onboarded.

Ideal for sales meetings and team bulding events


Our workshops are designed to get everyone on board with the vision and be part of the strategy. These are often combined with ongoing consulting for the best result possible. 

1-2 day hands On Leadership/User Training

OneMob Customized User Training

Helping Customers Get The Most Out Of Their OneMob License
Trainings are conducted in four 45 minute sessions

$449.00 per user | $349.00 per user for groups of 3 or more

  • Setting up your account and users
  • Office and mobile equipment best practices
  • Branding and microsite page set up
  • Customer Co branding
  • Setting up library, tag words
  • Uploading videos and content
  • Creating your first 3 microsites
  • Thumbnails and GIF’s
  • Links and calls to action
  • Using OneMob email / connecting your email
  • Insights reports and dashboards
  • Screen recording with video/screen/video &screen
  • Best Practices for cameras, lighting and mic
  • Set up before recordingknow your audience
  • Reusing videos
  • Getting attention
  • Video in LinkedIn DM best practices
  • Subscription to monthly “Tips and Tricks” to keep you going 








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