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Is your website as resourceful as your trade show booth?

Jon S. Richards

When it comes to navigating social media platforms like LinkedIn, it often feels reminiscent of strolling through the aisles of a bustling trade show. From a business perspective, I am constantly on the lookout for subject matter experts who can enlighten me about innovative products and solutions that enhance my efficiency.

This parallel is evident when I visit a trade show. Whether I am in search of a specific product or aiming to broaden my knowledge about new offerings in the market, companies are vying for my attention in both scenarios.

Just as the trade show aisle serves as an opportunity for companies to attract customers to their booths, the same principle should apply to social media in order to drive traffic to their websites.

In the trade show booth, skilled salespeople are present to address any inquiries customers may have and direct them to subject matter experts who can demonstrate the value and functionality of their products. Similarly, envision your website as a virtual trade show booth.

Consider whether your website can fulfill the following requirements:

1. Will it promptly answer my questons?

2. Can it demonstrate the features and benefits in an unbiased manner?

3. Does it convey an understanding of my needs?

4. Does it provide comprehensive comparisons with other options?

5. Will it honestly acknowledge when a particular product is not suitable for me?

6. Does it provide a seamless purchasing process?

Now, here’s the significant distinction: Your strategy should incorporate the use of video content to establish a connection with customers, bridging the gap between the informative and navigational experience on your website and the personal guidance they receive in your trade show booth./p>







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